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The Liturgical Calendar 

One of the most identifiable characteristics of Traditional Christianity is the "Church Seasons" that we celebrate. There are two cycles of feasts: The first celebrates the Resurrection of Christ with Lent and Easter, and the latter celebrates his Incarnation with Advent & Christmas.Depending on the Season, our style of worship may change, and our focuses may shift. This calendar offers Christians a way to "sync" up with one another in our worship and personal development.

The Principal Feasts of the year include Easter DayAscension DayPentecostTrinity SundayAll Saint's DayChristmas Day, and Epiphany. In addition to these, every Sunday is considered a feast day. There are also many Holy Days throughout the year which are important including Thanksgiving Day, Saint Stephens Day, and special feasts for historically important Christians and Martyrs. 

We as Christians also recognize special days of devotions (called fasts) including Ash Wednesday, the Weekdays of Lent, Good Friday, and other Fridays throughout the year. On these days we honor the crucifixion by abstaining from certain foods, beverages, or certain activities. It is never appropriate to fast on a feast day. 

While it may seem silly to some to change our style of worship based on the calendar or day of the week; we feel that many Christians find liturgical Christianity to be of significant worth and value. We encourage our families to adopt this practice not only as part of their corporate worship but as part of their daily lives.

Detailed information on the Liturgical Calendar can be found here.