We often forget, from within the business of our lives, that God is the larger context and plot of our own life stories. Spiritual Disciplines, like daily prayer, fasting, and study, help us to regain this focus, and though they themselves do not make us holy, they open our hearts to the divine grace of God and we find that his holiness begins to weave our lives with meaning and purpose.

Whether you're experiencing a faith transition, or crisis of conscience, prayer can help you regain focus on the Lord and his purpose for your life. But, we've all experienced how difficult it can sometimes be to utter words of prayer when our voice trembles, and our heads hang low. 


In the Episcopal Church we use both written and organic prayers in our worship. You might find that written prayers help you gain confidence in prayer. Written prayers have for thousands of years been used in worship.  In fact Jesus, like all jews, was likely accustomed to praying the same prayers many many times throughout the course of his day or week. An example of a written prayer includes "The Lord's Prayer" which is used by many christians every week or every day.

Written prayers also help guard us from praying for that which we ought not. They focus our hearts and desires upon the things that are consistent with the will of God. Some, however, may object to our using "repetitious prayers," however if we're truly honest with ourselves even modern extemporaneous prayers tend to take on patterns and rhythms. 

However your prayers end up, prayer is an important part of Christian Living and worship. Both organic and corporate prayers can help us through difficult times that seem to sprout unexpectedly. 

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