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About the Building. The Church was completed and dedicated in 1908. It is a solid brick structure designed in the form of an English village church. In the 1970s the as part of a renovation the carpeting was removed, and a bamboo floor was laid. Because of the solid surfaces the interior of the Church Building has excellent acoustics, especially for single voices and instruments, as well as small ensembles of singer and/or musicians. 

Accommodations. There is seating in the pews for 100 persons, with room for another twenty persons in chairs. There is a Baroque-style organ, and a moveable upright piano. The Chancel has, so far, held as many as thirty singers for choir rehearsals, and has comfortably accommodated twenty singers for performances. The Parish Hall is also available for receptions and parties connected to events held in the Church Building. 

Fees. As a congregation incorporated under the State of Utah and relevant Internal Revenue Service regulations, St. Mary's Church may not charge a fee for the use of its facilities, and may not allow for-profit entities to use the church property for business purposes. We do request a donation be made to St. Mary's Church relevant to the size of the event being held to cover our costs for utilities maintenance, and administration. These costs average about $25 per hour of use.

Scheduling. To explore the possibility of using St. Mary’s Church for rehearsals, recitals, or other performances, please contact the Church Administrator, using the form on this page, and make an appointment to visit. 

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Serena Benish, Program Coordinator 

Serena is the Community Music Program Coordinator at St. Mary's

If you need to schedule a tour of the church, make a donation, or need additional information contact Serena at serena@stmarysprovo.org.

We look forward to having you! 

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