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Everytime you shop with your Smith's Rewards Card at a Smith's Food & Drug Grocery Store they will donate to St. Mary's!

To get started register your Smith's rewards card and link it to St. Mary's (NPO Number 24529)

If you are a pledging member of St. Mary's Church make your monthly, quarterly, or annual donations using this portal.

*When donating, please be aware that St. Mary's pays a 2.2% + $0.30 fee for all donations made through Paypal. 

Pledge Donation

The discretionary fund is used by the Priest-in-Charge to help individuals and families in need, as well as other special expenses that help St. Mary's accomplish it's mission to be a force for good in Utah County.

Donating towards the General Operations Fund is similar to putting cash into the collection plate on Sunday mornings. These funds are used for day to day expenses and bills. 

Each year the Youth select a program to which these funds are donated. This year the money will be donated to the Episcopal Relief & Development for anti-malarial efforts in Africa.

Discretionary FUND

Operating Expenses

Episcopal Relief

St. Mary's important mission is funded by the generous contributions of church members and visitors. Without you we would not be able to care for the poor, provide services for the sick, or host addiction recovery programs. St. Mary's is subsidized with grants from the diocese and episcopal church. However, there is always a gap. Help us achieve our mission each day by making a donation now! Thanks!

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