Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass is one of the most popular services in Traditional Christian Churches. While many Christmas Masses begin at 12:00am, here at St. Mary's we begin an hour earlier at 11:00pm on December 24th and conclude at midnight on the 25th. We also have an earlier service at 7pm making it easier for families to attend. 

The celebration of the midnight mass is partly in acknowledgement that a liturgical day lasts from sundown to sundown (rather than from Sunup to Sundown). This is the same way that the ancient Jewish calendar accounts for holy days. However, the midnight mass is more than a technicality, The celebration of recognizing the true meaning of Christmas before we open any presents or roast any Christmas hams is important. In our Society Christmas has been secularized, and we believe that celebrating the midnight mass is one attempt to take back this high holy day.

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