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Our ultimate hope is that our community will influence what type of person your child grows up to be; which is why each year we let our youth select one of the Episcopal Relief & Development programs for our congregation to sponsor. On the first Sunday of the month, Children collect funds for the "noisy bucket" which go directly to their chosen cause. Examples of past projects have included anti-malarial efforts, and the purchasing of livestock for families in developing countries. In being responsible for this effort, and other volunteer programs like it the youth at St. Mary's grow up to be exceptional individuals. We're proud to claim them as our own!

It's often easy to forget that our children's minds and bodies aren't the only things growing as they age. Though it's more difficult to notice, their hearts and spirits are also on the move. This is why we're committed to supporting parents in helping their children to understand the importance of tradition, faith, and service.

Children's Ministry

Children are a blessing from the Lord. We don't just believe that; it drives everything we do as we engage children, support parents, and train our future leaders. At St. Mary's, we believe it's important that children and parents worship together both at home and when they come to church on Sundays. This is why we try to make our Sunday services accessible to youth of all ages. We hope that in doing so our children can build an emotional connection to the church. One parishioner recalls, "When I came back to church as an adult, I found the service comforting because it was the same song, the same spirit, and the same ceremony." If children don't learn to enjoy church as youth, we can't expect them to stick with it as adults. It's this belief that motivates St. Mary's to be a place welcoming and fulfilling for children and adults alike.

Youth Sunday. On the first Sunday of each month the children lead the parents in worship by voicing the prayers, conducting the readings, and filling other important roles as part of our morning services.

Sunday School. On the third Sunday, parents and young children join together in our youth Sunday school to learn about scriptures and church history, and to engage in community service.

As for the other Sunday's of the month: don't be afraid to bring your kids! We care more about you being here than we do about your children bouncing around in the pews; and yes, we understand that crying babies, bashful breaks, and other no so jovial interruptions are all part of parenthood.