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Our community strives to fulfill it's mission by teaming up with partners like Utah Pride, PFLAG, Utah Food & Care Coalition, and over a dozen other Support Groups for addiction and recovery.

At St. Mary's Episcopal Church we believe that God loves you just as you are. Our mission is to be a place where anyone can feel welcome and accepted.

Our worship services are on Sunday at 10:30 am and last about an hour. We're located at 50 West 200 North in Provo. Join us for our fellowship hour at 11:30 am.

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​​We are committed to worship that expresses the depth of God’s love for us and the transcendence of God’s grace for us. We accept others, by honoring differences of opinion and by accepting one another regardless of who we are or where we come from. We are a sanctuary for those who are searching, grieving, hurting, lonely, or in recovery, and a place where people can heal and be equipped to live as God intended, in peace and love. We care about the communities in which we live, and we seek, as individuals and as a congregation, to reach out to others carrying with us the good news of Jesus’ love for us. We are rooted in historical Christianity, particularly as it is expressed in the Anglican tradition of scripture, tradition, and reason.​

Anna Judkins 


50 West 200 North, Provo, Utah | Sundays at 10:30am | All are welcome, God loves you as you are!